Minister Suharso Explains Circular Economy Implementation Strategy in the Food Industry

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SHOOTLINENEWS.COM | JAKARTA — Minister of National Development Planning received a virtual interview from Economica FEB UI regarding the Implementation of the Circular Economy in the Food Industry, Thursday, (22/07/2021).

Minister Suharso said there are 3 key strategies in implementing circular economy in Indonesia. First, investment in industrial sector to green investment that supports a circular economy and low carbon development by involving local business actors and MSMEs as the main drivers.

The economic benefits of investing in Low Carbon Development will provide 2.5 times greater job opportunities than NRE, reduce the burden of additional costs due to diseases from air pollution, and government incentives for green industries.

Second, developing attractive incentive schemes for MSMEs and green industries to green their production processes or produce green products that are environmentally friendly.

third, encouraging research and development related to green technology innovation and development and encouraging industry to transition to maximizing the use of its resources.

On the occasion, the Minister also revealed a strategy to increase the implementation of a circular economy in the food industry.

The Minister assessed that innovation will encourage the creation of new technologies that are efficient and can make the production process lower in carbon, so as to encourage the realization of a circular economy transition that pays attention to the environment.

Furthermore, the Minister explained that the strategy to increase the implementation of a circular economy in the food industry can also be carried out with policy innovations, namely by making regulations on the application of guidelines for the production of recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) for food packaging and incentives for reducing VAT for the plastic recycling industry.

Thursday, July, 22nd 2021
*Public Communications Team*
Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas

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