Support Acceleration of PEN, Head of Criminal Investigation Police Briefs Kapolda and Director of Detective Line

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DKI JAKARTA | SHOOTLINENEWS.COM — In order to support the acceleration / acceleration of national economic development, National Police Chief General Police Listyo Sigit Prabowo through Kabareskrim Polri Komjen Pol Agus Andrianto briefed the Chief of Police and the Line Director Detective Tuesday (4/5/2021) virtually at the National Police Criminal Investigation Building.

In his remarks, the Head of Criminal Investigation Police, Komjen Pol Agus Andrianto conveyed the challenges faced by the government today in overcoming the Covid19 pandemic and national economic recovery.

” This Covid19 pandemic must demand that we work extra, the burden faced by the government is of course not only the National Police Chief who carries it, but also all of us and our colleagues from the Police Chief and the Director of the Detective Line (Reskrimum, Reskrimsus and ResNarkoba) “, said Komjen Agus opening the direction. ~
~ Furthermore, Komjen Agus also conveyed currently the national economic growth target for the second quarter of 2021 around 4.5 5% and the Indonesian Police must fully support.“Programs that have been budgeted for in the effort to tackle Covid19 and national economic recovery must be provided with security, escort and assistance so that they do not stagnate and there are mistakes”, said Komjen Agus.

This former Chief of Police of the Indonesian National Police also warned that there will be no more obstacles caused by the Police, especially the Criminal Investigators.

“The people are currently very much affected by the pandemic, don’t make it difficult for services, investigations and investigations to stop. make it difficult !! “, concluded Komjen Agus.

Still according to Komjen Agus, law enforcement is the last resort that actually preventive and pre-emptive efforts are gradually increasing in portion.

At the end of his direction, Komjen Pol Agus Andrianto also reminded the Narcotics Detective to actually apply SOP in handling drug cases.

“For drugs, don’t be careless and weird”, concluded Komjen Agus.

Like It is known, currently President Joko Widodo is proclaiming national economic growth for the 2nd quarter of the year%. The President also ordered regional heads to accelerate capital and goods spending.

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